Rumble from the sound of thunder


The rumble of motorcycles has become a regular part of weekends in Floyd as poker runs, benefit rides and gatherings just for fun ride through the town on just about every Saturday and many Sundays.

A benefit ride for Floyd County’s Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 came through town Saturday on a loop ride that took them from the Auto Fair at Chantilly Farms into Floyd, up Rte. 8 to Riner and along other country roads before arriving back at Chantilly to enjoy food from vendors, take in the Auto Fair and hand out door prizes.

A good ride for a good cause. Theatening weather may have held the crowd down but those who attended contributed to a good cause.

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  1. Thanks for your posts and helping hand out fliers, you are much appreciated. Maybe we will have better weather and turnout in the spring, but every bit helps. Chad Mills


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