35,000 miles and counting


My 2009 Harley Super Glide (FXD) goes in for its 35,000-mile service tomorrow — an average of just under 2,000 miles a mon th for the first 18-months that I have owned the bike.

For a Harley, 35,000 miles in 18-months is considered high mileage. For a BMW, it would be considered low. I know Bimmer riders who log 50,000 miles in a year.

Even though I’m semi-retired, I still have some job responsibilities so I don’t get to ride as much as I would like and the two months of deep snow that paralyzed the region last winter put a crimp in my riding. Otherwise, I would have 50 grand on the odometer by now. If the weather holds, I should hit the half-century mark by the end of the year.


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